*Mortal Sin*

1. When we stay in a hotel, the coach in charge of the trip will set a definite curfew hour. After this hour, all students and student judges should be in their own rooms. No visitors from other schools will be permitted in rooms after this hour under any circumstances. The penalty for curfew violation will be at the debate teacher's discretion, based on the severity of the violation. It may range from a warning to a period of suspension from future tournament activity.

2. At other tournaments, students may be guests in the homes of host debaters. The following rules apply:

a. No Lexington debater/speaker should attempt to make any private housing arrangements before/du ring an overnight tournament. This includes phone calls to friends of yours at another school; who may be in charge of housing arrangements. Your housing assignment is the assignment given to the coach in charge at the housing desk.

b. Observe absolutely the standards of behavior set down by your host (that's the parent, not the adolescent).

The penalty: Same as #1, above.

3. The possession and/or use of alcohol or drugs at any debate-sponsored activity is strictly prohibited. This includes Debatathon and car washes (obviously) as well as all tournaments. The uniform penalty for the first offense is suspension from the next six weeks of competition or the next three tournaments for which you are eligible -- whichever is greater. The uniform penalty for the second offense is expulsion from the team. Parents and school officials will be notified in all cases.

4. Theft, sale or falsification of evidence is an intolerable academic offense which carries a single sanction: expulsion from the team. Parents and school officials will be notified.

5. Verbal and/or physical harassment of other students will be dealt with by coaches through an appropriate combination of warnings, referral to school authorities, and suspension from team responsibilities or tournament competition. In extreme cases, individuals may be required to leave the program.

*Venial Sin*

1. School policy does not permit you to be absent from school for all or part of a day and then go on a field trip that day. This means that you cannot be called in absent on the day we leave for a tournament and still go to that tournament.

2. In general, students who have been eliminated from a tournament should devote their time to watching elimination rounds and/or helping teammates who are still debating. Attendance at awards assemblies is expected.

3. Tournament dress for gentlemen includes, at minimum, slacks that are not jeans, a necktie, *a belt*, shoes that are not athletic shoes, and a jacket or nice sweater.

4. Do not leave the immediate vicinity of a tournament without asking the coach in charge first. We need to know where you are and when you'll be back.

5. Never argue with judges. It never changes the decision, and it makes you look like a jerk. This and other forms of extreme, habitual rudeness in rounds may result in suspension from competition.

6. Tobacco is bad for you. The speech and debaste teachers will exercise their First Amendment rights by initiating little talks with the parents of tobacco users. Students must obey laws and regulations concering the use of tobacco.

7. Rules regarding the use of the debate room, backfile privileges, and photocopy privileges will be posted early in the term. They will be enforced. Repeat violators may suffer loss of privileges or, in extreme instances, suspension from competition.