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This week's poll: So... who exactly let the dogs out?Thx to Noah Kaufman
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it's all a big joke don't take it seriously.
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Monday November 26, 2001
Hey sorry for the delay - big updates are on the way I'm currently working on the following:
-New format
-Updated Awards Information
-Up-to-date Partnerships
-New Calendar
And of course new polls and new goofy pictures.

Thursday April 12, 2001
Congratulations to the novices who made the cut for varsity debate. This year's novice roster was clearly the most competitive and talented class for years.

Tuesday March 6, 2001
Because Roy is so adamant about having an updated Lexington page... i'm back for some more updates. Hope you folks are enjoying your snow days and the 18" of snow that you woke up to.

We had an overall decent tournament at UGA. Ben and Nathan got to quarters and that really cool guy, I forgot his name, and Alyssa got to Octos. Speaker awards to andy, alyssa, and persis in that order i think, don't remember which numbers either.

New assignments were e-mailed out - those are due for northwestern? and the week after. Start early so Tomer won't have to hunt you down... it's scary i've seen him do it.

I'm workin on haulin some institute links up here so you guys can start deciding where you want to go off to. If anyone wants to e-mail me any official reviews of institutes you've been to for uninformed novices or FYVs please feel free.

Results from last "week's :)" poll
Who is the most racist person on the team?
Sorry to nathan - i'm sure you woulda recieved dozens of votes
Kevin Litwack - 5 9%
Alex Del Nido - 23! 41%
Aaron Shnererhaberhooberwitz - 10 18%
Lenny Eskin - 4 7%
Emil Sandoz - 4 7%
Andy Choi - 8 14%
Alec Worsnop - 1 1%
So according to this little democratic referendum it looks like the British Aristocrat is the most racist person on the team followed by Liberhaberhoobershnerberheiberwitz and the krazy korean kid in 3rd... thanks for participating and i'll hunt down the 8 people who voted for me.

Thursday February 1, 2001
Updating ay?

sorry - it's been awhile. New poll should be up by now - and i'll also be posting some of the old results. If anyone with average-experienced html skills would like to assist in updating the calendar i'd be very thankful.

I'll be posting some links to debate institutes up here so that you guys can start thinking about where you would like to go.

Any other suggestions are welcome - please e-mail me with anything you can think of.

"The journey from Reno to Ashcroft is a journey from utter darkness to brilliant light," said Jerry L. Falwell, the founder of the Moral Majority..... oh boy... not so good.

Sunday December 17, 2000
Thanks to everyone who participated in last week's poll. The results are as follows:
Shnerberheiber 9 votes - 45%
Lieberheister 1 vote - 5%
Lerbernerber 2 votes - 10%
Hoobernerber 8 votes - 40%
mmmm... Aaron Shnerberheiber it is. Make sure to vote in this week's impartial political survey. Thanks to Kevin Litwack for the idea.

Wednesday December 13, 2000
MMMMM....random shiznikies... we've got about 14 votes so far - thanks to everyone who participated. Next week's poll will be "How legitamate is Bush's presidency?" *wait till you see the answer choices*

thanks to Raaid Ahmad from Edgemont for his help on some of the graphics and debuggin the page. Also - the LD page is now linked to the updates page and the intro page.

If anyone has the tournament schedule please e-mail me - I'd like to put that information somewhere on the page as well! *keep signing that guestbook*

Tuesday December 12, 2000
New feature!Thanks to Nathan's input I have decided to had more "random shiznikies" to the page. This week's poll is "What is Aaron's last name?" i.e. shnerberheiber. Treat it well =)

Monday December 11, 2000
Okay more pictures up - as soon as my *$#@ing e-mail server comes back up I'll have another big batch.

Please remember to drop a line in the guestbook - make sure it's a public entry that way everyone else can read it. I'm now accepting suggestions for new features on the page. Nathan suggested a "give Aaron a last name" contest (i.e. shnerberheiber, lieberheister and whatnot).

Added more pictures. Special thanks go out this time to donations from Emma Mackinnon from Stuy and Jason Shevrin. Keep the pictures coming! I have about 12 more coming soon. Results from Bedford and Hen Hud will be up soon. Also I will work on updating that calendar again (oops). Congrats to Symon and Sidd for ripping up Hen Hud and all the other novices who contributed to our strong showing. Will update soon again...

Tuesday December 5, 2000
Added a few more pictures and made the links to the other picture pages more aparent. (there are now 3 pages of pictures). Results for Ohio Valley will be up on the page soon. Don't forget updates for tomorrow.

Wednesday November 15, 2000
Congrats to everyone who was involved in the NFA tournament last week - strong showing by everyone - I'll get the specific results up soon

Moved to the new site just because the old server wasn't reliable. Thanks to Mr. Sturtevant for donating this domain name!

Wednesday November 29, 2000
Thanks to Lily for making the results page with all of the awards we've gathered from pilaging tournaments across the nation. Also thanks to Steve McHugh and Jason Shevrin for donating some pictures for the picture section (I added a 3rd page today). Good luck to everyone going to the MidHudson and to Ohio Valley.

Wednesday November 15, 2000
Congrats to everyone who was involved in the NFA tournament last week - strong showing by everyone - I'll get the specific results up soon

Moved to the new site just because the old server wasn't reliable. Thanks to Mr. Sturtevant for donating this domain name!

Saturday November 4, 2000
Needham Results
LeBlanc/Micheals 1st
Tashjian/Gingrande 3rd
Cochin/Eshel 5th
Speaker Awards
LeBlanc 1st
Michaels 2nd
Tashjian/Gingrande 3rd
Well done

Friday November 3, 2000
I now have a calendar up. I didn't finish the month, because I wasn't sure if I was going to use that calendar format, and I was hoping to get a little feedback =). By special request i changed the caption on Aaron's picture to "Backfile Superintendant". I may change servers one more time just so that we don't have that annoying bar on the top of the screen. -Andy

Tuesday October 31, 2000
Happy Halloween. Added some more pictures from GDS. If anyone else on the team would like to add some more goofy pictures just contact me. Darefugeeallstar on AOLIM.

Weeklies and Dailies are due tomorrow in class. EVERYTHING is due on the 6th (next wed.) Contact Tomer or Kevin if you have any more NFA/Gleenbrook assignment ideas/requests. -Andy

Monday October 30, 2000
Pictures from GDS and New Trier are now up. Click here.

Novices Clean Up
Novices close out Semis at Manchester.
Luo/Klimoff 5-0 FIRST SEED! (first place)
Green/Lemon 4-1 (third place)
Delnido/Dugar 5-0 (second place)
LeBlanc/Michaels 4-1 (fourth place)
Speaker Awards - Novice Division
Sarah Klimoff - 1
Sara Del Nido - 7
Ian Michaels - 9
Moli Luo - 10
Jeff LeBlanc - 12
Arushi Dugar - 13
Heather Horn - 15
Dan Green - 18
Sarah Prenovitz - 19
Manchester Varsity
Zhu/McHugh 2-3
Enrich/Mehr 4-1 (lost at quarters)
Huang/Sandoz 4-1 (lost at quarters)
Eskin/Kaufman 2-3
Speaker Awards - Varsity
Lily Huang - 3
Bo Zhu - 6
Steve McHugh - 8
Lenny Eskin - 9
Strong Showing at Bronz MHL
Kittredge/Kalloo 2/1
Hordnig/DeWolf 3/0
Raj/Simchi-Levi 2/1
Jette/Coval 2/1
Lopez/Kellogg 2/1
Georgetown Day Results
Choi/Rosenberg 4/3 (lost in octos)
Collins/Papazian 4/3 (lost in octos)
Elavia/Delnido 5/2 (lost in quarters)
Abbot/Manz 4-3
Speaker Awards
Andy Choi - 8
Persis Elavia - 13
Ben Collins - 15
Nathan Papazian - 16

Thursday October 19, 2000

Aaron the Backfile Superintendent....Fear him

The alumni section is now up. Please take the time to fill out the information if you are an alumni of the LHS Debate program. If you have any questions e-mail me at

Tuesday August 29, 2000
8:12 PM -
Skier: 9-10
Shevrin: 10-11
Cohen: 11-12
Mehr: 12-1
Choi: 1-2
Litwack: 2-3
That's the copying schedule for Thursday. Keep your copying for 1st wave ONLY. This way we can make sure everyone gets to copy and have enough time to finish their prepping assignment on time. Copying is in C house be there on time.

Changed the format a bit last night, and I'm going to be adding more and more features everyday keep checking. -Andy

Sunday August 28, 2000
12:08 PM - Finally finished setting up the initial page framework etc. There might be a few missing links for a few days but those holes will be filled one by one. For the time being I'll be posting any and all important listserv posts regarding assignments onto this page.

As was the case with Alex's old page there will be a whole section for parents. i.e. what to expect out of the program rules while at tournaments etc.

4:04 PM - Okay posted up and organized the first two waves of prepping assignments. The page includes due dates, assignments and instructions from Kevin's e-mail to the listserv. I realize that there were some changes made after the first e-mail was sent out so I'm going to make the appropriate changes soon. I'm planning on adding the rod assignemtsn soon too.

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